Next Generation Robot Teaching & Learning

Acumino provides next generation human to robot skill transfer for efficient, intuitive robot programming in the execution of complex tasks in unstructured and dynamic environments (e.g. household robotics).

The Acumino solution relies on excellent data, state-of-the-art human machine interfaces, sophisticated perception schemes, and a complete teaching and learning framework that facilitates the translation of human demonstrations into efficient robotic workflows.

Deploy Versatile Robotic Solutions that Can Scale Up Faster

The Acumino solution allows robotics companies to deploy versatile, agile solutions in dynamic and unstructured environments that can scale up faster than even before.

Key Characteristics

The key characteristics of the Acumino solution are as follows.

Faster and easy to scale up robot programming

Provides client-specific, highly-efficient solutions

Minimal time and cost overheads

Transforming workflows, achieving results faster

Provides comprehensive task execution analytics

Provides easy to interpret performance data

Delivers cost-effective, accurate solutions

Cross-market applicability, worldwide orientation

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