Next Generation Training Platform for Robots

We offer a state-of-the-art training platform that enables robot makers and robot users to perform tasks never before possible, revolutionizing the capabilities of robotic systems across multiple industries.

Our groundbreaking platform empowers everyday users and workers to easily train and pretrain robotic actions, significantly enhancing the range of tasks robots can perform. It helps robots to work more effectively and safely alongside humans in various sectors, including logistics, healthcare, agriculture, and households.

Acumino’s intuitive platform is compatible with most robots and also seamlessly integrates with Large Language Models (like ChatGPT). This allows robots to perform dexterous, two-handed work in complex real-world settings faster than ever thought possible.

Deploy Versatile Robotic Solutions that Can Scale Up Faster

The Acumino solution allows robotics companies to deploy versatile, agile solutions in dynamic and unstructured environments that can scale up faster than ever before.