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General Robot Intelligence

Robots performing safely and accurately in our physical world need general intelligence to improve how we live and work. Acumino enables robots to execute complex tasks previously deemed impossible, accelerating robotic adoption.

Large-scale, high-quality robot interaction data

Useful robots need to learn from vast amounts of accurate physical world data. Acumino eliminates the limitations of current physical world data collection by capturing data more naturally and efficiently, enabling large scale, skilled robotic deployment today.

Next generation AI driven robot models for adaptive autonomy

By incorporating a limitless range of physical world experiences, general robotic intelligence can reach new levels of adaptability. Acumino’s robot models enable robots to adapt safely and accurately in complex, real-world scenarios.

Robot-free skill transfer

Acumino’s platform pre-trains robots prior to deployment. Our approach consists of robot-free, complex skill transfer to robots anywhere, anytime. Our deployment of accurate trajectories and kinematics support bimanual, highly dexterous tasks.

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